5K Run For Beginners

 5K Race Preparation for First Time Runners

If you are a first time runner or if you have previously been a runner 5K Racethen you can expect to gain the greatest amount of improvement when you begin. It’s important, however, not to over do it as you start out as you may risk incurring injury. Beginning with a good aerobic base will help to prevent this from occurring. As a beginner or as someone who has not run in a while you should be concerned more about running for time rather than distance.

Your first step is to buy a quality pair of running shoes which are matched to your arch and your type of stride. If you’re unsure of how to make this selection you’ll need to find a store that specializes in running equipment to get assistance.

Your Pre Run Warmup

Before you begin your run you’ll need to do a routine to warm up. This involves some dynamic stretching to start the blood to flow in your system. Follow this by a brisk walk for about 5 minutes and then accelerate to and easy jogging or running pace.

Fuel Your Body

Sometimes one of the most overlooked factors in your preparation is the proper fueling of your body prior to the race. There has been some confusion about whether carbohydrates or protein are best for proper nutrition. In truth, it is a combination of these in the correct balance.